Friday, July 1, 2016

The Truth About Aging

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Nashville TN May 20, 2016—Parade magazine has released the second in its continuing series of surveys conducted with the renowned Cleveland Clinic. The results of the survey–exploring "The Truth About Aging"—are included in the May 22nd issue, on sale this Sunday, and online at
Parade has joined forces with the Cleveland Clinic, a world-famous, nonprofit academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education, to take Americans' pulse on their top health concerns. "It's clear from our research that attitudes about aging are changing," said Lisa Delaney, SVP/Chief Content Officer of AMG/Parade. "As the population ages, we want to educate Americans about the best ways to stay youthful physically and mentally and clarify some of the misconceptions about aging and health."
"People want vibrant, active lives well into their golden years, and know they can make themselves younger with their choices," said Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer for Cleveland Clinic. "This survey shows that most Americans say they are getting happier as they age, and now we want to make sure they have the tools and knowledge to be healthier as well. Staying young encompasses so many aspects of life, from exercise to eating to avoiding toxins, to mental health, and you have more control over how you age than many think."

The survey was conducted during the month of March, on More than 3,000 respondents participated in the survey.
Key Findings Include:
* 73% of respondents say that people are "old" at 80+.
* 35% say that Helen Mirren is the best celebrity role model for heatlhy aging (Meryl Streep was runner-up at 20%, with Diane Keaton named by 14%.)
* 30% say wisdom is the top benefit of growing older.
* 42% say Alzheimer's is the disease they worry about most.
* Greatest appearance concern? Sagging skin (40%); Thinning hair or hair loss (19%); Wrinkles (16%).
* 82% think they will be healthier and live longer than their parents. Click here to continue reading.

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