Monday, July 23, 2018

Salty Taste in Mouth: Why Does Everything Taste Salty?

It’s common for taste buds to change as you age, but sometimes ongoing changes in taste can be signs of health conditions. One of these occurrences is a persistent salty taste. If your mouth tastes salty when you haven’t eaten salty foods or food with other flavor profiles just tastes salty to you, it’s worth considering whether there’s an underlying cause. Below are some of the conditions that cause this salty taste and how you can combat it.

Causes of Persistent Salty Taste in Mouth
There are a lot of causes of the sensation of a salty taste. Putting aside the actual presence of salt, causes can include:

Nutritional deficiencies
Oral bleeding
Acid reflux
Oral infection
Post-nasal drip
Sjogren’s syndrome
Hormonal changes
Side effects of medication
Chemotherapy side effects
You can see that the causes range from minor and very easily treatable (i.e. drinking water to fight dehydration) to complicated and in need of medical guidance. If you’re worried about a persistent salty taste, it’s always advisable to talk to your doctor and start looking for underlying causes. Click here to continue reading.

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