Wednesday, April 3, 2019

That Waffle Cone Is ... A Real Waffle

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Editors confession: We are regular customers of Milkcraft in Fairfield and therefore totally bias on how great they are. It's too good to see they now have a store in New Haven too!

New Haven’s frozen dessert options just grew with the opening of a Milkcraft at the corner of Crown and High streets. Three intrepid fellow writers joined me on a pilgrimage there for a culinary adventure unlike any we’d had before.
My partners in this sugar fest were Karen Ponzio, Tom Breen, and Lucy Gellman. What we found in the latest Milkcraft shop — the third and the largest to open in Connecticut — was loud, occasionally messy and pretty tasty.
Let me explain.
We hit the new Milkcraft shop, located at 280 Crown St., at around lunchtime Monday with empty stomachs and dairy on our minds. First impressions? The place is huge. The New Haven location of the ice cream shop is Milkcraft’s biggest locations, at 1,500 square feet. (The other two locations are in Fairfield and West Hartford.)
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Karen arrived ahead of us and scoped out the menu, which is made up of “chef composed” flavors, according to Milkcraft. They include:
• Smores Campfire: deep cocoa chocolate, fire roasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs (being dressed in the above pictures); 
• Milk & Cereal: all-natural vanilla served with Fruity Pebbles, Coco Puffs, or Frosted Flakes; 
• Vietnamese Coffee: cold brew Cafe Du Monde coffee, condensed milk, chicory, and steeped coffee beans; 
• PB & J Roasted Banana: all-natural peanut butter, pure jam, and caramelized banana.
• Choco Du Leche: dark chocolate, dulce de leche, and smoked black sea salt flakes.

Karen’s first choice — a flavor called Bourbon Breakfast, which features Madecasse vanilla bean, corn flakes, and a touch of Whistle Pig Maple Bourbon— wasn’t available.Karen had a backup plan: the Smores Campfire.
While she was happy with her second choice (as you can see here) — a yummy mix of chocolate ice cream with legit fire roasted marshmallow on top — she couldn’t help jonesing for what might have been had the Bourbon Breakfast been available. Click on New Haven Independent to continue reading

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