Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Flaky Spinach Garlic Pinwheels

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I could see the twinkle of the white lights on our Christmas tree as I pulled out of our driveway yesterday. There they were, the bright sight that reminds me that the holiday season is here. It’s time to be merry and be joyful.
All over, houses are lit up with light displays — from bushes in the yard to the snowman at the front door. And as I look at them, driving from home to wherever, I think about how I’ll decorate our house next year — when I hope to have a house to decorate.
In the meantime, our little tree is adorned with decorations collected over the last 15 years. Ones my kids made in preschool hang alongside that one special ornament I bought at a fancy department store when I was in college. In the doorway, a kissing ball that I bought as a joke years ago hangs as it does every year. And around our living room, nutcrackers and tabletop decorations make the room feel even more festive.
Perhaps this week, I’ll even string lights creatively across a wall.
This holiday season seems to be flying by at breakneck speed. In the meantime, while it’s still here, the glimpse of our tree in the window makes me smile. It’s a good time of year to be happy, and we are. Click here to continue reading.

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